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Sonopull, DATEC Voice Trap Controllers and radio senders
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International recognition

Today, more than 150 sites, in France and in Europe, large and small stands, operate with equipment supplied by JP. Baron. Satisfied customers who quickly paid for their investments.

In Europe, the twenty or so sites equipped by Jean-Pierre Baron are among the most prestigious:

  • Norway (Harald Petersen & Per Magnus Pedersen, Sokna)
  • Finland (Runsquist)
  • Denmark (Lars Kolling)
  • Estonia (Ingo Köue)
  • Lithuania (Agnes Caune)
  • Belgium (Leonard, Cherimont)
  • Holland (Woert)
  • Switzerland (Chaux de Fonds, Socanen)
  • Spain (Cristobal, Mentrida)
  • Portugal (Paolo Cleto, Lisbon)
  • Morocco (clay pigeon shooting from Marrakech and Messaoudi)
  • Tunisia (Chaouch, Monastir)
and also United Kingdom, United States and Mexico