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Sonopull, DATEC Voice Trap Controllers and radio senders
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General selling conditions

Unless otherwise agreed with the subject of a written acceptance by us, our sales are subject, without exception, to the following conditions:

The prices in our catalogs, special offers, and all our promotional material and agree UNIT TTC (all taxes included) and HT in the catalog. Prices are subject to change without notice based on supply conditions and prices in effect at the manufacturers.
These prices are for equipment paid in cash no later than at the time of delivery, and do not include postage and packing. Discounts are granted by quantity (consult us). Prices shown in this catalog will be applied upon its release. The latest edition cancels and replaces the previous one.

The referenced materials are, in principle, available from stock. If out of stock we aim to reduce the delivery time to the fullest. In some cases, timeliness, we will replace the unavailable items with equivalent items of equal or greater quality.
In any case, the deadlines are indicative and do not give rise to penalties for any reason whatsoever. Wherever possible, we will keep you informed of delivery advertised by our suppliers.

We only deliver material carefully controlled quality. All our products are guaranteed first class and from official suppliers for each brand. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by connection errors, power surges, mechanical alterations, falls, misuse, lack of care, etc.. the warranty conditions for each product, those provided by the manufacturer or importer, in no event shall our liability can not be challenged.
The warranty period begins upon delivery of the equipment.
The guarantee will be gained from the full payment of the product.
The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship, the replacement of defective parts, labor for all devices received from the manufacturer.
The duration of the warranty is TWO YEARS

The warranty exclusions are:

  • Damage to the liability of a third party or as a result of willful misconduct.
  • Damage resulting from lack of maintenance or improper use of the technical manual provided.
  • Damage due to a shock, prolonged exposure to heat or liquid immersion exposure.
  • The condensation on the inside of a casing.
  • Wear items (buttons, etc..) And replacement.
  • Devices that have been changes outside our workshops.
  • Damage caused by fire, lightning, storm, vandalism or attack.
  • The cost of transshipment of the device.

Any claim must be notified by mail to us in French or English, and within eight days from the date of receipt of material. We can not accept a claim by telephone.
In all cases, reach the right preparation (with the name of the preparer) with the material. This voucher will be required for any claim.

If special programming is required by the customer: It will be done with the utmost care to perform the desired action. Any do if a bug appears SAS JPB can not be held responsible for because when creating the code there is almost always indirect bugs that are fixed thereafter, to the extent possible, this will be corrected in an update day.
In case the bug fix is not possible, the original version will be offered as a replacement.

No equipment or kit may not be returned without prior agreement.
In the case of acceptance by us, the equipment must be returned in its original packaging and with sufficient postage.
All returns must be accompanied by a letter of explanation (with the name of the preparer of the order).
All mail addressed separately may not be taken into account.

  • Special case of software: software (whatever the medium) is never returned or refunded. It can only be exchanged against the same software, the agreement of our technical services.
  • For all returned to after-sales service out of warranty unit, it will be called a lump sum tax (shipping in addition to tax) will be charged in case of refusal of the quote.

Only by check, bank transfer or money order.

For customers (companies, administrations) into account in our institution after our agreement.

> All international regulations will be made by direct bank transfer to the account of the company.
In the case of an express payment by check, the buyer will be performing first of all bank charges on both sides of the transaction.

Late payment: report unless requested in time and given by us, the non-payment of our supplies by the deadline will result in:

  • The immediate payment of all amounts due, regardless of the payment method provided.
  • The liability in respect of damages and a penalty clause, an allowance equal to 15% of the amount owed, in addition to the statutory interest and any legal costs.
  • In all cases shipping will be charged to the custommer.

Every order implies acceptance of terms and conditions of sale above. In case of dispute, the Tribunal de Commerce de Tours has exclusive jurisdiction, except in case of disputes with non-traders for which the rules of legal jurisdiction apply.

We can not be held responsible for mishandling launch buttons or unwanted voice command. Only a responsible adult and can use the equipment.

Only replacement parts specified by the manufacturer must be used, all substitutions or inappropriate interventions lead to the forfeiture of the warranty.