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Sonopull, DATEC Voice Trap Controllers and radio senders
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The DATEC screen on live

You see only the datec working:
All datec of Trap one of Maurice Boutin
All datec of Ground of VITTEL
All datec of Jean baptiste MALLET
All datec of la Olympic trap: VESOUL

Grand Prix FITASC du 18 et 19 Mai:
et Mondial du 22 au 25 Aout:
Les Fosses du stand federal de YCHOUX

Grand Prix FITASC du 13 et 14 Avril:
Charles Bardou: SSC Sologne Courgenou

Voice Trap Controllers

JP. BARON's equipments are easy to install ; they fit with all the trap launchers' brands on the market.

Radio senders and Token boxes

Get a quick return on your investments, guarantee your transactions and bring your installations up to date.